Stoneridge Drive, South Pas by sean hogan

This amazing property is nestled on the topside of Stoneridge Drive, boasting great views all the way to Downtown LA. The house was complemented by furniture from all over the world and hand painted original oil on canvas works of art. This property was amazing to photograph, it had a great feel and a good vibe. 

Listing Agent: Rita Whitney

Eagle Rock by sean hogan

This Modern Traditional home on a high standing view property in Eagle Rock was a fun one to shoot, being staged beautifully and perfectly maintained it couldn't have been easier. With the afternoon light on my side, I was able to spend the majority of the afternoon inside and as twilight came around I was outside for the exterior shots. 

Listing Agents: Susan & Bradley Mohr

Sierra Madre by sean hogan

This unique post modern lodge is nestled in at the base of the foothills. It was a great property to photograph, with it's huge 10ft panoramic windows it really made for some dramatic images.

Listing Agent: Anne Sanborn

Saturday Night with Lindsey! by sean hogan

Lindsey's birthday over the weekend was a fun night! With a great crowd, drinks on tap and a fun venue, everything came together perfectly! Sushi bar by day to sold out nightclub by night, who would have thought! Shout out to Nancy & Lindsey Stevens for the behind the scenes planning and coordination, it was a great night.


Happy Birthday Lindsey!

Sunset by the Pier by sean hogan

It has been a good month since I have been down to Manhattan Beach and with my new Lee Filter - Big Stop in my kit. I was keen to get down to the Pier and test it out! It was dead flat and not a cloud in the sky, so I went straight to the pier and lined up these shots below.

Fall in Cali is a nice time of the year; with warm days, mild nights and fun little swells. It's a fun place to be. 

Dawson Family Portrait by sean hogan

Every time I pick up my camera I seem to learn something new, even more so when you put a new family in the mix. This was my first family portrait and with the conditions on my side & a cooperating baby – for the most part, it couldn’t of worked out better. The soft afternoon light was perfect to work with & as the sun disappeared, it ended up turning into an amazing light show, to cap off a fun afternoon.


It doesn’t matter if I’m shooting people or places; I’m always having fun when I have my camera out & shooting new things. I really like the idea that one afternoon for me, gives the people in front of the camera a few special images to take home & hold close for years to come.

Photos above: Devin & Holly Dawson and Baby Ellie


Winter Wonderland by sean hogan

It was nice to get down the beach this morning and see some swell. Its still small but there is definitely a little energy in the water. With some nice clouds on the horizon it was looking like a swim with camera could be fun. With the cold run over the freezing sand, the water seems to feel like a bath by the time you hit it. At first light, it was looking like the clouds were going to light up, but instead they just created a nice soft light for a good hour. Winter on the coast, not a bad place to be.

As a photographer and a surfer winter would have to be on of my favourite seasons. After you get over the cold mornings and chilly nights you start to appreciate the weather systems on a more intimate level. With the consistent swells, and the low lying sun producing favourable light, it all just seems to fall into place. 


Morning swim at Terrigal. by sean hogan

With plenty of cloud around before sunrise and a fresh SW wind, I wasn't expecting much this morning. After checking Wambi about 6:00am and not getting to inspired with the shifty South swell and slight morning sickness. I headed to Terrigal, a bit more protected and looked a lot more inviting for a swim with the camera. It was a lot smaller but the water was nice in and I came out with a few images below. 

Its always good getting in the water first thing. If you can get down there, its still a really nice morning out and as long as this wind stays SW there is going to be plenty of waves if you have time to search. 

City Skyline by sean hogan

Visually, Sydney is an amazing city. The harbour and it's surrounding landmarks are so frequently photographed its hard to try get something that hasn't been done before. I noticed some cool clouds heading down the freeway, so I started thinking of locations to shoot. I decided to head towards Mosman over near Taronga Zoo, I was planning on meeting my girlfriend around there as it was right around the time she finished work. Kate sent me text "Check out Bradley's Head", so I chucked it into maps and followed the directions.  As soon as I pulled into the car park I knew I was in the right place.

 Image Below: Bradleys Head, North Shore Sydney Harbour. 

City Sky Line.jpg

The harbour offers so many vantage spots with views of the city, if you have the time it's defiantly worth checking out. Finding new locations and new ways to shoot places is fun. Even if it has been done before, its good to put your own twist on things.

Forries Tower by sean hogan

It was nice to see the sun out today, even with the swell being pretty much flat there was still plenty of people out enjoying the beach.  I didn't get out with my camera this morning so, I was pretty keen to try something for sunset. With daylight savings finishing up today it kind of snuck up on me, not very organised I chucked my gear and my girl in the car and headed to Forries lookout. It's cool visiting places I haven't been for a while and since my chick is from Cali I get to show her around at the same time. Pulling up with only a couple minutes to spare I chucked my camera on the sticks and caught this three image panorama stitch.

Below Image: Forresters Beach, Central Coast Australia.

Forries Tower.jpg

To come back home after being away for a few years is good for anyone that gets away. More so for me now because I'm so keen on photography. These old places that you wouldn't think twice about back in the day, has made it so exciting to get back there with my camera. Especially at the right time of day, the perfect light or the right clouds, it just gets you frothing on something that you've had all along.

Terrigal Bend by sean hogan

With all the rain we have had over the last couple of weeks it's been hard to get keen to get up early and head down to the beach. Earlier this week I was lucky enough to catch this image from The Bend at Terrigal. The lake had been let out, the clouds broke apart and there was a couple guys out on SUP's.


One of the best things about photography is that you appreciate whats around you. It really takes you into the moment and leaves you with an everlasting image of what you captured. Feel free yo leave your comments and let me know what you think.

New site up and running by sean hogan

It's been in the making for a while now, so it's really exciting to be getting the site up and running. Branching out from my Facebook page Keeping It coastal, this website is going to be an extension of the page.

With more pic's and a new blog I'm hoping to engage with more content and hopefully give you something to kill a few minutes out of your day. I'll be uploading daily pic's from wherever I am. For next couple months it's going to be from Terrigal, Central Coast, NSW.

So with plenty going on and all these amazing surrounding beaches I'm hoping you will have a plenty to look at and read the story behind the pic's.


This is an image that jumped out of the camera, a sheet of glass with the pastel blue skies of sunrise. If you look closely you can see Wamberal Surf Club in the far background.